ACCE: We support Holy Names University Adjuncts to form a union

William Hynes
Holy Names University
3500 Mountain Blvd,
Oakland, CA 94619


Dear President Hynes,

The Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment Action (ACCE Action) is a grassroots community group representing over 2,500 families in the flatlands of East and West Oakland.  We work day to day fighting to improve the lives of working class families and communities of color throughout Oakland especially amidst one of the most serious housing crisis that the East Bay has seen in recent history. 

We have tremendous respect for Holy Names University and the role the institution has played academically and socially over the past decade.  It is in that spirit of mutual respect that we come to you in full support of contingent faculty at Holy Names University to form their union.

We ask that the administration remain neutral and not use student tuition funds or other college resources to oppose the unionization effort, and we pledge to speak out against any intimidation or retaliation that may be a result from contingent faculty invoking their right to organize.

At this critical point in East Bay history it’s important to lift up the lives of our workers who are struggling for a voice and representation at the work place.

We hope you take this letter of support into consideration.


Anthony Panarese-Organizing Director, Oakland ACCE Action