Adjunct Underground! Records Audiobook of Joe Berry's Reclaiming the Ivory Tower

Joe Berry’s Reclaiming the Ivory Tower: Organizing Adjuncts to Change Higher Education
now online! -> chapter 3 – the chicago experience

adjunct underground is proud to present an audiobook of joe berry’sbook, reclaiming the ivory tower: organizing adjuncts to change higher education! around 69 current or former adjunct instructors have banded together to each read and record short portions of the entire text! 

adjunct underground is proud to offer this broadcast as a downloadable podcast on kchung radio, that can be listened to online, or in adjunct’s cars as we drive from campus to campus.

chapter 3 – the chicago experience, features the voices of joe berry, david p. earle, betsy smith, denise johnson, asha schechter, don hassler, brianne bolin, robert ovetz, gabie strong, lisa regula meyer, betsy lin seder, jack longmate, howard hastings, sarajo frieden, william lipkin, anne wiegard, nancy kane, melody rodari, and nicole antebi!

Get more info and listen online here.