CCA Adjunct Union Update 11/3

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for our contract negotiations team! There were 15 people nominated from across the college, 6 of whom have accepted. This is  an excellent number for the bargaining team. We will discuss finalizing this group of people as your bargaining team at the general membership meeting this Wednesday, November 5, 11-1 PM, Oakland campus, Carriage House, first floor.

 Those who have accepted nominations to serve on the bargaining team are:


Carol Manahan, Senior Adjunct, Critical Studies

David Skolnick, Senior Lecturer, Writing and Literature/Graduate Design

Hugh Behm-Steinberg, Senior Adjunct, Writing and Literature/MFA Writing

Rob Hugel, Senior Adjunct, Graphic Design

Pamina Traylor, Senior Adjunct, Glass

Tony Discenza, Adjunct, Graduate Fine Arts

Once the bargaining team is finalized, one of the first things they will do is analyze your input in the bargaining surveys to shape the priorities for negotiating our first contract. Have you filled out your bargaining survey yet? If not, please do so today! Find the survey online here!

The next group to be established is the Contract Action Team (CAT). This group (which can be renamed) supports the bargaining team during contract negotiations and ensures timely and key communications with the general membership, while taking general membership concerns back to the bargaining team. Other key responsibilities include developing and implementing the contract action plan, assisting in basic research before and during negotiations as needed, ensuring the diversity of the bargaining unit is represented- including age, gender and gender identity, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, job titles, departments and programs.

We will establish this team/committee at the next general membership meeting, which will beWednesday November 5th, 11-1 PM, Oakland campus, Carriage House, first floor. Even if you teach at noon, come to the first hour of the meeting. Our next meeting after this one will be on the SF campus in two weeks--we will switch off campuses each meeting.