Dominican Adjuncts Reach Tentative Agreement

After marathon final bargaining session — that took a whopping 10 hours — resulted in a historic first contract for the Dominican University Adjunct Faculty. The next step is to present it to our members for an up or down ratification vote on April 25-27 at the Caleruega Dining Hall --- 11AM-1PM and 3PM-6PM.

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Significant Gains

· One-to-three year teaching contracts with a predicted course load based on average courses taught, and a transparent, seniority-based, enforceable system for assigning courses.

· Performance evaluations, peer evaluations, and performance improvement plans to support the development of high quality teaching with real job security.

· By the end of the three-year agreement, adjunct compensation will be tied to 80% of the full-time associate professor rate. A “me-too” clause that ensures that adjuncts will receive any raises given to full-time faculty to maintain the percentage ratio to full-time salary.

· Everyone will get raises to base compensation of 2-18% for the first term after ratification, with raises of 16-55% over the 3-year agreement.

· Longevity steps. Six steps on the salary scale, awarded based on teaching at Dominican, teaching at other universities or colleges, terminal degree, and non-teaching professional experience where applicable. Everyone will advance to additional salary steps during the agreement as they qualify.

· Class cancellation fees will pay adjuncts at a rate of 10%, 25%, or 50% of the Step 1 per course rate depending on date of cancellation.

· A Grievance and Arbitration process to resolve disputes and challenge discipline or terminations under the contract. Non-renewal of a teaching contract/termination based on performance can now be challenged subject to just cause, the grievance process, and binding arbitration.

· Lowered the threshold to qualify for health benefits with the University from 20 to 18 units per year, and protected health benefits for term adjuncts for two more years.

· A new $60,000 hardship fund for adjuncts who buy individual health insurance and are facing significant unreimbursed out-of-pocket health care costs.

· Adjuncts will also receive extra pay for overenrolled courses, substitute teaching, developing courses, reading theses, writing references, etc.

· A faculty development fund of $40,000 per year will be used to pay adjuncts for service and development at $35 per hour, and 300 hours per year to pay union stewards, Labor-Management Committee members, bargaining teams.


Get the TA summary here.