I stand behind my bargaining team

Dear President Stephen Beal and Provost Melanie Corn,

As teachers at California College of the Arts, and members of the Non-Ranked Faculty Union, we stand behind our bargaining team.

Our union’s objective has always been to achieve a responsible and just contract for non-ranked faculty at CCA. In order for negotiations to succeed, our union needs to see written counterproposals to the 27 proposals our bargaining team submitted on August 19.

We find it frustrating that not only has CCA’s lawyer refused to present counter-proposals, but that the administration’s bargaining team has not been willing to schedule meetings when all the members of our bargaining team can attend.

Our team has compromised and scheduled meetings around your team’s schedule, cancelling office hours and turning down other work in order to do this. We find it hard to believe you are committed to bargaining when members of your bargaining team routinely fail to even show up to meetings set up for their own convenience.

We, the undersigned, believe that you, as leaders of this school, should bargain in good faith and respect the people who perform the majority of teaching at CCA.

Please urge your bargaining team to bring meaningful counterproposals to the next bargaining meetings, to schedule these meetings at a time when all members of our bargaining team can participate fully, and take the commitment to these scheduled meetings seriously. 

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