Hot Summer at SF Bay Art Colleges: To Unionize or Not?


The semester is ending and summer seems to be warming up… The ranks of contingent, adjunct, and non-tenure faculty at several San Francisco Bay Area colleges are deliberating if they form unions

I could have been one of the many faculty in the San Francisco Art Institute’s prospective union. (SFAI already has a separate union of full-time tenured and tenure-track professors). But I recently had to decline an offer for a part-time Visiting Faculty position at SFAI when I received a full-time postdoctoral fellowship (a unionized position, with health benefits). I was enormously excited and proud to join SFAI, with it’s long and storied history in various art, aesthetics, and culture waves. I wouldn’t have qualified to vote this month because I barely missed the cut-off, but I think I would have gladly joined the incipient union. Meanwhile, Mills College is also in the process of voting for a union. And a third school, California College of the Arts (CCA)—where I am currently an Adjunct Professor—is possibly getting close to filing for an election too.

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