Rebecca Kaplan: I support HNU Adjuncts right to freely and fairly choose for themselves on their unionization.

William Hynes
Holy Names University
3500 Mountain Blvd,
Oakland, CA 94619


Dear President Hynes:


The Adjunct Faculty at Holy Names University (HNU) will be voting to be recognized as a union on April 1st. I am writing this letter in support of those efforts and ask that you remain neutral on the issue. I support their right to freely and fairly choose for themselves on their unionization. There is no job security without adequate representation. Although, they are a majority of the faculty at HNU, they remain an unprotected class of employees. Without union representation, any employee has little redress for unfair treatment and cannot fully participate in contract negotiations or full governance.

It is my understanding that Adjunct Faculty make up over 70% of HNU’s total faculty and they teach approximately half of all courses. The wages of an Adjunct Faculty member is a fraction of what tenured and tenure-track faculty earn for the same courses taught. Adjunct Professors have reduced access to professional growth and activities, equal pay and benefits, campus resources and are ultimately disenfranchised from full participation in faculty governance.


I support the right of Adjunct Faculty at Holy Names University to choose for themselves their path forward in forming a union. I am asking again, that the administration remain neutral and not use student tuition funds or other college resources to oppose the unionization effort.



Kindest regards,




Oakland City Councilmember, At-Large

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