Mills College Adjunct Union Weekly Update 11/21


Weekly Mills College Union Update

In this update:

·      Bargaining Update

·      Next Meeting on December 3rd

·      Union Election

·      End of term social with Bay Area adjuncts on December 6


Mills Bargaining Update

On Wednesday, November 19, the interim bargaining team met again with Mills administration. Tammi Baker could not be at this meeting, unfortunately. The bulk of the meeting was spent in substantive conversation with Dave Donahue regarding the proposals we submitted at the last bargaining session. We responded to specific questions about contract notification dates, course cancellation, performance review, and representation in faculty governance. Throughout the conversation we re-articulated the spirit of our proposals, which seek a stronger commitment by the College to non-tenure track faculty. We were heartened by the collegiality and thoughtfulness of today's meeting and look forward to receiving formal counter proposals soon. 

One specific issue emerging from Wednesday’s session concerns the role of NTT faculty in College governance, and the extent to which some of our proposals (full voting rights for all NTT faculty, inclusion on the FEC, and so forth) can be bargained at the table, or whether the full faculty or the FEC must approve these proposed changes in governance. Both the administration and interim bargaining team will be doing more research on this issue in the coming weeks. 

In other good news, the College signed off today on several proposals we came to tentative agreement on at the last session, so we ended on a very positive note. The proposals that have been tenably agreed to are Savings Clause, Definitions, Union Security & Check-off and Scope of Agreement.

For a full summary of union proposal submitted, please click here, contact Stephanie Young ( for details, and/or visit the next general membership meeting (see below) for more information.

Union Elections

This summer, in response to the unilateral cuts and changes instituted by the administration, the Mills adjunct union convened an interim bargaining team so as to enter immediately into negotiations for a contract and thus establish clear legal protections for our members. The intent has always been that this team truly be interim, and so we will need to begin the process of nominations and elections for a permanent barging team. If you would like to nominate any member(s) (including yourself!) for a position on the bargaining team please respond to this email with

1)   Name of  nominate(s) to the Bargaining Team (including self-nominations)

2)   Email or phone number of nominee(s)

3)   Department and Division of nominee(s)

For further information on what being on the bargaining team entails in terms of workload and commitment, please email Stephanie at the email above. Among the proposals presented last week one includes full or partial course releases for union work.

We hope to gather nominations over the next two months and hold a membership meeting and election in January once the spring term begins.

Next General Membership Meeting (**Note change of date**):

Wednesday, Dec. 3, 4:00-6:00, Faculty/Staff Lounge (Tea Room). Light food provided.

You are invited to our last union meeting of the semester. The agenda includes:


·      Peter Mancina, researcher for SEIU1021, will give a presentation on Mills’ finances. Come and find out the facts about the economic situation at Mills, ask questions, and discuss.

·      After a semester of negotiation with Mills College, the interim bargaining team will provide an end of semester update on the progress of negotiations and next steps.

All Mills faculty — tenured, tenure-track, and adjuncts — invited!


End of term social with Bay Area adjuncts

Saturday, December 6, 6:00-9:00, 1043 Marin St. SF

The SFAI Visiting Faculty union invites adjuncts from across the Bay Area to an end of the semester social. Join contingent faculty from SFAI, Mills College, CCA, St Mary’s College and Dominican University for a warehouse gathering, with robots that spit flames and stuff.


Adjunct faculty from Mills College, CCA, St. Mary's College and Georgetown at our last Adjunct Action Bay Area Metro Organizing meeting


Ongoing: Open Office Hours!

Ask questions, get information and become involved.

Tuesdays 11:30-1:00: (and by appointment) David Buuck, Union member, Mills Hall 348. (out of town Tues Nov. 12)

Thursdays 1:00-2:30: (and by appointment) Stephanie Young, Union member, Mills Hall 317.

Drop by and meet Union representatives.


The Weekly Mills College Union Update goes out every week. The goal of these updates is to communicate the latest news and events with the entire Mills College membership in order to foster an informed and transparent Union culture.

If you have comments that you would like to share with fellow Mills Union members, please let us know and we will include it in future updates. If you want to be added to the Mills NTT union ‘in-house’ Google-group discussion list, please email

You can also follow MillsAction, a new group of students, alum, faculty and staff, on Facebook at, as they work alongside the union to help support adjuncts and organize around related issues at Mills.

And remember: better working conditions for teachers = better learning conditions for students!

In Solidarity,

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