Petition: SFAI, Remain Neutral in Visiting Faculty's Union Organizing Efforts

We are aware that adjuncts at the San Francisco Art Institute are considering forming a union and we support their right to organize. These “visiting faculty” comprise more than three quarters of the faculty at SFAI, and they work in an institution with deep and systematic inequities. They cannot earn any measure of job security, even after many years of dedicated service. Highly paid administrators make decisions without transparency or accountability. Pay is out of step with the cost of living, and there is no opportunity for advancement. Needless to say, SFAI offers no health or retirement benefits. Such conditions are detrimental to the efforts of faculty to teach effectively, to develop as artists or scholars and to contribute to the intellectual life of the SFAI community.

SFAI instructors are known for their commitment to students and for their vital contributions to scholarship and the arts in the Bay Area. They are now standing up for dignity and a say in their working conditions. They recognize that forming a union will allow them to achieve pay increases, improved job security, better processes for teaching assignment, fair and transparent evaluations, access to benefits, routes to advancement, and a voice in institutional governance.

We support the right of adjuncts at San Francisco Art Institute to organize. We ask that the administration refrain from using student tuition funds or other institutional resources to interfere with the unionization effort; and we pledge to speak out against any intimidation or retaliation that might result as contingent faculty invoke their rights.

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