SEIU 1021 Members at San Francisco Arts Commission Encourage CCA Adjuncts to Vote Yes!

Dear CCA Adjunct Faculty,

We are members of SEIU Local 1021 who live and work in the Bay Area.  Our union’s members are social workers, janitors, nurses, program coordinators, community organizers, clerks, paramedics, public schools staff, nonprofit workers, adjuncts, arts administrators, and many others.  We anticipate with enthusiasm your decision to form your union now and join the larger labor movement that we are a part of.

The process for forming a union is transformative.  It allows us workers to approach workplace issues and conditions collectively and with a much larger voice.  We’ve been doing this for a long time.  Having a union creates a more balanced relationship with our employers when it comes to workplace decisions that affect our work, wages, benefits, schedules, and working conditions in a more fair manner with no special deals for favored individuals. Being part of this large union has many benefits to the individual chapters because an injury to one is an injury to all, and we are able to pull support across our union for our individual struggles.

But none of this would happen without you, without our members.

Adjuncts organizing nationwide and in the Bay Area are inspiring us all.  They’re teaching us many lessons about the status of higher education that we wouldn’t know about if it wasn’t for you, your colleagues, and adjuncts all over the country forming unions and joining SEIU.  The reality that much of your work has become part-time, precarious, or contingent is something we are witnessing in many industries throughout the country.  We believe that all workers deserve to have job security, certainty and transparency in their employment, and paths and processes to long-term solutions at the workplace.  We want to participate in taking on student debt, an issue affecting many of our families, and as union we know we will do this best with the support and leadership of higher education faculty like you.

As members of SEIU we have decades of empowering each other across many industries and sharing many resources with the goals to improve our work conditions and secure a better future.  In SEIU 1021 in northern California, we have a strong tradition of member involvement and leadership.  Our individual chapters (union workplaces) have autonomy to choose their bargaining teams, shop stewards, and write their own bylaws for how the union operates at their workplace.  It is through this foundation that SEIU 1021 has achieved some of the best work conditions, wages, and benefits in the public and nonprofit sector found anywhere.

The work we do, the services we provide, and the missions of the organizations we work for continue as usual.  

We are a strong union and want to build with you. Don’t wait. Vote Union, Vote Yes!

“I am, You are, We are the Union.”

In Solidarity,

Ramsés Teón-Nichols, Vice President of Organizing, SEIU 1021 member
Jennifer Lovvorn, San Francisco Arts Commission staff, SEIU 1021 member
Robynn Takayama, San Francisco Arts Commission staff, SEIU 1021 member
Joseph Bryant, Civic Center Chapter President, SEIU 1021 member

Civic Center Chapter of SEIU 1021