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SFAI VF Union Biweekly Update 1/23


In this update:

  • Next VF Assembly
  • Bargaining Update for Bargaining Session on 1/16/15
  • SFAI Visiting Faculty Action Team Report
  • St. Mary’s College and Dominican University Win Union Elections!
  • Calendar


Biweekly SFAI Union Update

The Biweekly SFAI Union Update goes out every other week. The goal of these updates is to communicate the latest news and events with the entire SFAI membership in order to foster an informed and transparent union culture.

Visiting Faculty Assembly

We continue to make our decisions by assembly. All visiting faculty are invited. The next assembly will discuss how we will respond to administration’s rejection of our contract proposals (see below), and actions in support of the contract campaign:

            Visiting Faculty Assembly
            5-7 pm, Tues. Jan 27
            447 29th St., Oakland (near Telegraph)

Call in option for Assembly: The dial-in # is 877-336-1839.  The access code for everyone is 3853544.


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Adjuncts Speak Out: Stephanie Young, David Buuck and Christian Nagler in Conversation

From Harriet: Poetry Foundation:

At the end of summer, I went back to school and sat down with three Bay Area Adjunct Writing Instructors (*and poets!) who are leading the charge locally toward better working conditions for adjuncts and better learning conditions for students as part of “Adjunct Action: Bay Area.” This is part of a nationwide movement called Adjunct Action: a project of the SEIU (Service Employees International Union), where over 22,000 unionized adjuncts have already won improvements in pay, job security, evaluation processes, and access to retirement benefits. This conversation took place between myself, Stephanie Young (who teaches at Mills College), Christian Nagler (SFAI, AAU), and David Buuck (Mills, Bard College). Read our conversation to learn more about what adjunct unionization means for poetry instructors, poetry program administrators, and poetry students nationwide.

SARA: There’s been a lot of conversation recently about adjunct unionization at colleges and universities in the United States. I’m wondering if we can begin by talking about a few of the problems: what are a few of the problems that adjunct instructors are facing in the workforce?

CHRISTIAN: At my school, the San Francisco Art Institute, adjuncts are 80% of the faculty but they have no say in the functioning of the institution. There’s not a full buy-in for the people who participate in these institutions and make their living in them. And it’s a problem because there’s a higher education crisis, it’s systemic and difficult, and we need a lot of different intelligences working on it, especially the people who are working on the ground every day and know its problems first-hand. That’s a big thing for me: institutional governance and a voice within the institution. But that’s one small part.

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