Support Improvements for Students, Faculty and Staff at SFAI

We Support the Needs of Students and the Unionized Faculty and Staff at SFAI
We support the students and the unionized faculty and staff at the San Francisco Art Institute.
SFAI’s students are struggling to find spaces in essential courses, and they lack studio space to make their art. Students are dismayed by the lack of consistent faculty due to the uncertainty of hiring. We support the students in their demands for better learning conditions. The students speak out through their voices and actions.
The staff who keep the school running smoothly are often the most knowledgeable and accessible workers for students and faculty at the Institute. Their role is invaluable. They are in the middle of bargaining for a better contract, and have been put off by the administration for years. We support them in their bargaining for a fair contract with a decent increase in wages. They are represented by OPEIU.
The adjunct professors, who teach over 70% of SFAI’s courses, are also in negotiation for their first contract and are part of a national movement for better conditions. We support their struggle for an adjunct faculty with decision-making power in the institution, job security, benefits, routes to advancement, and fair, living wages. They are represented by SEIU.
Tenured and tenure track faculty at SFAI also face challenges as they want a fuller voice in decision making and more security in their positions and roles. We support the tenured and tenure track faculty in their desire for shared governance and academic freedom. They are represented by AAUP.
Support for the students and all three unions is essential to keep SFAI a strong and vibrant institution.

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