Despite years of teaching at SFAI, adjunct faculty have no idea how many, if any, classes they will be teaching semester to semester. We seek job security language in our contract that simply follows the administration’s past practice in determining course loads. Consistent course load language in our contract would ensure that if you’ve taught one class a year in the past, you teach one ongoing, and if you’ve taught four classes, you teach four going forward. Administration should honor our service and dedication to our students by giving us a consistent number of classes and a stable income.

The SFAI administration continues to reject the union’s position that class minimums are the core of a fair job security proposal. While we feel strongly that “right of first refusal” would be the fairest option and would offer the most stability, we have also offered to codify “past practice” by securing each person’s current class load and ensuring that our classes do not arbitrarily get cut. The truth is that our proposal asks for very little: adjuncts should be able to expect to teach a consistent number of courses each year, unless something comes up.

The latest SFAI proposal offers no class minimums for any categories other than senior lecturers (2 minimum per year). Instead of honoring “past practice”, they have asked us to trust them…

 After more than a year of negotiations over job security, it is time to resolve this issue once and for all. SFAI’s dedicated adjunct faculty--and students--deserve stability and continuity.

 We stand with our adjunct faculty bargaining team for:

  • Faculty stability - Students should be able to expect to build lasting relationships with their faculty. Longer-term contracts will help enable this.
  • Consistent course load - A consistent number of courses year to year will allow faculty the stability and security they need to fully devote their energies and attentions to SFAI students and curriculum.
  • Contract renewal - Automatic contract renewal, absent major changes to budget or program, will provide the final measure of stability faculty and students need to maintain consistent, cohesive program and curriculum.

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