SFAI Visiting Faculty Union Bi-Weekly Update 10/23


Biweekly SFAI Union Update

The Biweekly SFAI Union Update goes out every other Thursday. The goal of these updates is to communicate the latest news and events with the entire SFAI membership in order to foster an informed and transparent union culture.

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In this update:

  • Bargaining Update
  • Action Update
  • Ways To Get Involved
  • Next Assembly Meeting
  • CCA Union Election Victory!
  • Calendar

Bargaining Update

The Bargaining Team is hard at work negotiating a strong and fair union contract. There has been much accomplished in the past months. The negotiations with administration have been collegial, and have opened up meaningful conversation about teaching conditions and the wider issues that affect the institution.

The Bargaining Team has held four bargaining sessions with the administration: July 30th, August 19th, September 16th and October 7th. The next session is scheduled for November 18th.

A series of non-economic proposals have been presented to the administration. It is the administration’s position that no response will be given to any proposals until all proposals are submitted, non-economic and economic. Once all initial union proposals are submitted, the administration will begin presenting counter-proposals. The bargaining team expects to submit all proposals by the next bargaining session.

Major economic proposals are currently being drafted. These include:

•    Compensation

•    Long term contracts 

•    Health and welfare benefits

Action Update

Our Sept. 10th social at the Chestnut campus was very successful, with students, staff, visiting faculty and permanent faculty getting to know each other over food and drinks.  We're planning a second social the week of November 3 at the Third Street campus, to open up the conversation more to the people over there. We'll announce a time and place soon.

We've built a pretty good Communication Liaison structure, with faculty reaching out to other faculty to make it easy for them to get clear information and have a say in how our campaign will go. We need more people to become liaisons so we can reach more of our faculty. Please join us!

We're keeping a close eye on the bargaining, and preparing for the possibility that the SFAI administration might offer resistance to our proposals. If that happens, we'll need to show that we're a force to be reckoned with. Please consider getting involved by coming to our meetings or being in touch, and bring us your creative and transformative suggestions!

We're concerned about cuts in the Urban Studies program and cuts to the required math and science courses that have been enacted without clear communication with the visiting faculty, who teach most of the Urban Studies courses and all of the math and science. We also understand that the school is advertising for a large number of new visiting faculty, which will bring in people who didn't vote for the union and may mean fewer jobs for those of us who did. We've have made an official request for information about these issues. A request for copies of all Fall 14 and Spring 15 contracts to see if there are any changes to working conditions, including lack of contract, has also been made.

The visiting faculty have been invited to participate in the Faculty Senate's meeting, though we're not included fully in the Senate. We hope to have a strong presence at the next Senate meeting, on Nov. 12. Join us! Get in touch to plan!

Ways to Get Involved

This is a crucial time in contract negations and we want to be as organized and involved as possible. One way to get involved is to join our Action Team. The Action Team coordinates actions in support of union negotiations and other relevant issues. The Action Team includes Communication Liaisons, who are responsible for sharing the latest bargaining updates, collecting input from visiting faculty about issues and ultimately getting others involved through a variety of events/actions. 

Another way to get involved is participating on the Bargaining Team. The Bargaining Team crafts contract language and directly negotiates with SFAI administration. 

Please reply to this email if you would like to get involved or want more information about becoming part of the Bargaining Team or the Action Team, or becoming a Communication Liaison.

Next SFAI Visiting Faculty Assembly

The only way to win a strong and fair contract is to be informed, engaged and active. Attending our Assembly meetings is the best way to participate in the process. The Assembly allows the opportunity to get the latest bargaining info and provide input. There will be a SFAI VF Assembly on Thursday, October 30, 6:00 Kennedy’s Irish Pub & Indian Restaurant, 1040 Columbus Ave., SF.

CCA Union Election Victory!

Finally, we are excited that the adjuncts at the California College of the Arts (CCA) voted to unionize with SEIU local 1021 by a 62% margin, joining SFAI and Mills College!


SEIU Metro Adjunct Organizing Meeting

Monday, October 27, 2-5pm, SEIU Office 155 Myrtle St. Oakland

SFAI Action Team Meeting

Thursday, October 30, 5:00 Kennedy’s Irish Pub & Indian Restaurant, 1040 Columbus Ave., SF

SFAI Visiting Faculty Assembly 

Thursday, October 30, 6:00 Kennedy’s Irish Pub & Indian Restaurant, 1040 Columbus Ave., SF

Theatre of the Oppressed

Saturday, November 15, 11-2pm, SEIU Office 155 Myrtle St. Oakland

SEIU/SFAI Bargaining Session

Tuesday, November 18, Location TBD

Every Thursday 12:00-1:00: SEIU Union Office Hours, SFAI Cafe. Drop by and meet Union organizers.

In Solidarity,

The SFAI Bargaining Team, Action Team, Assembly Secretaries, and SEIU Local 1021