Mills College Adjunct Weekly Update 10/23

In this update:
·      Ways to get involved
·      Online petition to support good faith bargaining and a fair contract for all adjuncts at Mills
·      News on upcoming events and meetings
Ways to Get Involved
This is a crucial time in contract negations and we want to be as organized and involved as possible. One way to get involved is to join ourCommunications Action Network (CAN). The CAN supports the union by informing, mobilizing in support of union negotiations and other relevant issues.  The CAN includes Department Point Persons, who are responsible for sharing the latest bargaining updates, collecting input from adjuncts about issues and ultimately getting others involved through a variety of events/actions. 
Another way to get involved is participating on the Bargaining Team. The Bargaining Team crafts contract language and directly negotiates with administration. The team is always looking for new members. You can join at any time.
Sign and share the Mills petition!
Over 200 students and faculty members signed this petition and delivered it to Mills College President Alecia DeCoudreaux on September 17. We are continuing the collection of signature and support. Please add your name and share the link to allies both at Mills and elsewhere. We need to show the administration the wide breadth of support for adjuncts at Mills!
Upcoming meetings:
Metro Adjunct Organizing Meeting:
Monday, Oct. 27, 2-5pm at 155 Myrtle St. Oakland. This meeting happens every two months and brings together adjunct professors and organizers from Bay Area colleges, including Mills, SFAI, CCA, St. Mary’s College, Dominican University, and CSU.
This meeting will feature a presentation on the crisis of student debt. SEIU is committed to addressing this issue and we want to hear from you about how it is affecting students (and adjuncts!) in the Bay Area.
Next General Membership Meeting:
Tues, November 4, 1-3pm, Faculty/Staff Lounge (Tea Room). Light food provided. Come and discuss contract proposals (covering things like pay, job security, governance, evaluation and career advancement, etc) that the bargaining team will be submitting to the Administration on Nov. 10.
Next Bargaining Session:
Mon, November 10, 1-4pm, location TBA. Look for updates soon as to how you can come out and show support for the union as we formally present our proposals!
Ongoing: Open Office Hours!
Ask questions, get information and become involved.
Tuesdays 11:30-1:00: (and by appointment) David Buuck, Union member, Mills Hall 348.
Thursdays 1:00-2:30: (and by appointment) Stephanie Young, Union member, Mills Hall 317.
Wednesdays 11:00-1:00: SEIU Union Office Hours. Rothwell Faculty/Staff Lounge. Drop by and meet Union representatives.
The Weekly Mills College Union Update goes out every week. The goal of these updates is to communicate the latest news and events with the entire Mills College membership in order to foster an informed and transparent Union culture.
If you have comments that you would like to share with fellow Mills Union members, please let us know. If you want to be added to the MillsNTT union ‘in-house’ Google-group discussion list, please email
You can also follow MillsAction, a new group of students, alum, faculty and staff, on Facebook at, as they work alongside the union to help support adjuncts and organize around related issues at Mills.
And remember: better working conditions for teachers = better learning conditions for students!
In Solidarity,
The Mills College Communications Action Network (CAN) – A group of Mills College NTT Union members dedicated to supporting the union by informing, mobilizing and building power amongst the membership during and beyond contract negotiations. Anyone is welcome to join the CAN. Please let us know if you are interested in helping out!